Aegis Solution

First fully transparent yield-generating stablecoin

Aegis USDa safeguards your wealth from multiple financial risks:

Inflation and Currency Devaluation

Fiat currencies suffer from inflation and devaluation, eroding purchasing power. Aegis USDa's yield-generating mechanism preserves and enhances your money's value.

Stablecoin Depegging and Systemic Financial Crises

USDa is backed by Bitcoin and operates independently from the fiat banking system and other stablecoins. Aegis opens a delta-neutral position to maintain stability and sells BTC-margin perpetual contracts equal to its Bitcoin exposure.

Centralized Exchange Failures

We partner with premier custodians such as Fireblocks, Copper, and CEFFU to ensure maximum security. By opting for off-exchange settlements, we strategically avoid storing funds on centralized exchanges, reducing risks from hacks, insolvency, and regulatory shutdowns.

Regulatory Protection

Aegis USDa is a crypto-native instrument that allows you to use decentralized finance 24/7 and truly own your money. It also provides unparalleled protection from adverse regulatory actions.

Market Volatility and Liquidity Crises

Aegis USDa's delta-neutral strategy and funding rate arbitrage with coin-margined futures mitigate market volatility and liquidity crises, maintaining asset value and stability.

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