Profit Distribution Mechanism

Unique Yield Generation Mechanism Without Staking

Aegis introduces an innovative profit distribution mechanism that allows users to earn yields without staking, lockups, or waiting periods. Here’s a detailed description of the process:

Instant Liquidity

  • Unrestricted Trading: Users can trade USDa freely at any time, 24/7, without staking or lockups, enabling continuous yield earning.

No Staking Requirement

  • Effortless Yield Accrual: Users can effortlessly accrue yields by holding USDa and registering their wallets in the Aegis system.

Perpetual Rewards

  • Timeless Rewards: The rewards for holding USDa are perpetual and always available for claiming as long as earned.

Detailed Process

  1. User Holds USDa:

    • Rewards are calculated based on the amount of USDa the user holds.

    • System snapshots are created every 8 hours to track holdings.

  2. Yields Generation:

    • Aegis generates profits through funding rate arbitrage.

    • These profits are directed to the Mint smart contract.

  3. Rewards Distribution:

    • Generated profits are deposited into the system, resulting in the creation of new USDa.

    • The Mint contract transfers USDa to the Claim contract for distribution.

  4. User Claims Rewards:

    • Users can claim their accumulated USDa rewards every seven days.

    • Users pay a commission to claim their rewards.

This mechanism ensures that users benefit from instant liquidity, effortless yield accrual, and perpetual rewards, thereby enhancing the overall value and stability of USDa.

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