Modern Money Problems

No Access to Digital Banking Services

1.4 billion people worldwide, or 31% of the global population, lack access to banking services. This financial exclusion significantly limits opportunities and economic participation, leaving many of the population underserved.


Inflation rates pose a serious threat to economic stability. The U.S. dollar inflation rate is 3.4%, while in many developing countries, it exceeds 7%. High inflation erodes purchasing power, making it difficult for individuals to save and maintain their wealth.

High Fees

High transaction fees and monthly maintenance costs, ranging from $3 to $12, impose a significant financial burden on individuals and businesses. These fees are particularly onerous for lower-income populations, reducing their ability to save and invest.

Financial Inequality

Wealth inequality continues to grow, driven by unequal access to financial tools and education. Addressing this issue requires robust policies that promote financial inclusion and support lower-income individuals in accessing financial services.

The Debt Crisis

High levels of public and private debt threaten economic stability. Excessive borrowing leads to substantial interest payments and limits public investment. Effective debt management strategies are essential for ensuring long-term economic health.

Currency Volatility

Fluctuations in currency values impact global trade and economic stability. Political instability, changes in monetary policy, and speculative trading contribute to this volatility. To mitigate these risks, businesses need effective risk management strategies, including hedging and revenue diversification.

Technological Disruption

Fintech innovations present both opportunities and challenges. Technologies like blockchain and digital currencies can significantly enhance financial inclusion and pose regulatory and security risks. Balancing innovation with strong oversight is crucial for maintaining financial stability and fostering trust in new financial technologies.

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